Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The 30 day Writing Challenge-Your fears

Oh, God...

I dunno if I can really write about it. It comes and goes.

You know, some days, its like I got it together. Then I space out and wonder, where do I go when I'm finished up here on earth.

I guess we all have that feeling. But it can rattle you. I might as well be orbiting around the earth, sometimes.

Then come those fears, am I really man enough to take care of Sara. I mean, I barely take care of myself and it makes me sick some time to know I could do way better.

Still, life is so tiring and you end up thinking, I've been here an awfully long time. Can I really change for the better?

Toss in some panic attacks at every turn and yeah, I scare myself sometimes. Like, what down that dark corner? Even old ladies can freak me out. Yeah, and even strange middle schoolers can give me the shivers.

A little kid almost bit me once. It was like the strangest thing. Right in the grocery store.

There are days I don't want to face the world, but I know I have too. And I've gotta be thankful, the days haven't really been that bad after all.

Yeah, I can over think it.

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