Friday, May 14, 2010

just a thought

I'm about to lose it with Roger.

Seriously. His underwear? Who does shit like that? I can't say to Olivia, "Oh, you don't want his undies, do you?" She might take it the wrong way. And if she makes a skirt or whatever out it, you know, its not like I'll go insane or something over it. They are just boxers. But you know. Old boxers.

Send them to a 3rd world country or something. I guess. People are sending their old bikes to far off places. Why not boxers?

OK, they are clean. I guess. Not that I've touched them.

Anyway, I have to think of something special to do when Olivia gets back. I don't want her thinking I'm expecting food or sex or something.

This kind of thing is hard to pull off. Usually, the less I think on it, the better off I am. You know, what comes natural.

I think they need their picture taken together. Her and her Dad. I can do that. Develope them right in the bathroom too.

just crazy talk


so jade said...

a picture together definitely sounds like a good idea.

jeremy's turn said...

it would be hard to know what to do for Olivia in that situation.