Monday, May 24, 2010

out with Ellie

"I still can't believe it." Olivia had to admit that to Ellie. They went out for pie at their favorite little diner not far from home. They got away alone without Charlie. First they went shopping at Ellie's favorite thrift shop, and picked up a sun dress or two.

"I know. I'm just getting used to it myself. I was feeling so tired. Scared I might have diabetes like my Dad so I went in for a check up and surprise." She shrugged.  "I still keep thinking, what if I'm wrong. What if his is the worst time ever to have a baby?" Ellie shrugged.

"Just be happy. OK." Olivia smiled. "I want you to be happy. I'm so happy for you. Stay positive." Really, she wanted to be there for Ellie. They were best friends.

"Yes, of course," Ellie sighed. "Its just this whole Reese thing is making me think twice now about Lon and me."

"Why? He loves you." Olivia didn't understand.

"I know. But its just, I look so much like her and she's my cousin. And her daughter might be his. I feel like I'm this balloon that just popped and I'm not sure I can go on as if nothing ever happened." Ellie told her while they were sipping lemonade and sharing a slice of cherry pie.

"Try not to worry, OK." Olivia held her hand then. "You are going to be a great Mom. Lon's going to make a great Dad. See, you've already got Charlie. You've both had so much practice. This'll be a piece of cake."

"Charlie." Ellie shook her head. "I'm worried how he's going to take this. Seriously. I dunno how he'd feel about being a big brother. But I just can't tell Lon yet. I will."

Olivia just smiled. It was like Ellie to be worried about what Charlie might think of all this. She guessed Ellie would tell Lon in her own good time.

Annoying and aggravating


ivy's closet said...

I hope she'll tell him soon.

meg said...

that was sweet she was there for her.