Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'll meet you there

"This'll be fun," Roger said about Mass. Of course, he'd never gone to mass. And what seemed more strange was the fact they were going on a Saturday night. Not Sunday morning. Wasn't church suppose to be only on Sunday morning. Of course, he's been a small child the last time he went. He remembered how his mother had taken him at an early age. Trying her best to keep him behaved. She would not let him go to children's church. She was big on him minding his manners, and the more he thought about it now..she was worried he might get snatched. Even at church. He guessed. Yeap, she'd been that kind of Mom and look at him now. Here he was with his boyfriend at Mass. At the Mass Doyle's mother went too.

They'd not really dressed up for the occasion. Except for the polo shirts and the tan slacks. It was kind of casual, really. Of course, he hadn't a clue how long this might take. First some woman came out with her guitar and played with the choir who weren't in gowns but just summer clothers. Really, it was kind of cool and folksy and yeah, maybe Roger missed going to church, a little. It wasn't all that different from what he remembered. Except it were Lutheran not Catholic.

OK, the kneeling and the praying and the readings got a little tedious. Kind of. But he was sure he could get used to it. He could if Doyle wanted to be here. What would be so wrong with coming to Mass?

He smiled at Doyle. Doyle smiled back and then he stared at the back of his mother's head. She didn't turn once to look behind her. Really, Roger wanted to hold his hand, but that would be so wrong.

Finally, the priest spoke a peaceful message about forgiving. Perfect sermon for Doyle's Mom to take to heart. At least, Roger thought as he kept staring at the woman who would not look at him. Roger was sure he could get used to this if given a chance to come a few more times. Naturally, he was ready to leave when it was over. As the crowd scooted out, Doyle met his mother face to face. She gritted a smile. But she didn't dare say anything until the priest asked Doyle who his friend was. Thats when Doyle's Mom stepped in to tell the priest how Roger and Doyle went way back. Boy Scouts. She told him. Yes, they'd met at camp. And had found each other, again.

Roger just about burst into laughter. Doyle gave him a glare then so Roger kept hushed as they followed Doyle's mom out to her car. "Mom, why are you telling lies, like that?" Doyle winced.

"Because you are living a lie. Therefore, I have to lie for you." She hugged herself then.

"But I'm not." Doyle stared at her. "I'm not living a lie. Not anymore."

She was cold then as she got in her car.

"Maybe I should tell Father Gerard about us." Doyle decided.

"I guess." Roger shrugged. "But are you sure? Really?"

Doyle nodded. "I have to start somewhere."


ori said...

his mom is so angry!

ivy's closet said...

Roger and his church, I dunno hope Doyle is OK.

meg said...

I hope Roger will support him.

misty said...

Doyle has to know when its time.