Saturday, May 16, 2015

Celebrity challenge #3

THE BIG DAY! Every Celebrity has its story

It is the 3rd contest! And of course it's called the big day
First of all Continue the story and tell us about your big day,using anyone you want to to be author,your celebrity...a enemie?(Willa Holland) 10points
(X)Make a set based on your big day(you have decided in the previous contest)5points
(X)use pictures 5points
(X)Write below some of your pictures a few words(like i do in the set) 2points
(X)Include clothes in the set 3points
25 total points
[x] Tag me @katetagt1

(Willa Holland’s pov)

Wow, I've always dreamed of being part of a real band. I know I'm some poor little rich kid, and I have lots of NEW HOLLYWOOD friends and all, but hey..we were doing it. 

Actually, Dylan wanted to hide out in a basement somewhere, and do this gig, but I was so on it with these WHAT IFs.

Like what if we have an EARTHQUAKE? I mean, it is California, after all.  He rolled his eyes at that. I told him there might be an overflow of kids, and I was right. The park was flooded with teens and college kids. Once it got out that Dylan O'Brien from TEENWOLF was playing, everyone showed up. Even his co-stars and other stars from MTV.

He couldn't help but smile, and I genuinely understood, cause I couldn't help smiling, either. However, we weren't going to be playing pop. I mean, this is ROCK'N ROLL baby! Music you can bump into each other, too. . 

Of course, he got off to a rocky start. At least he had the microphone all to himself. We had some genuine players come out for this.

I can't tell you how happy I was that Josh Hayward from THE HORRORS could make it to play BASS, And one of the coolest guys I know..Jamie Campbell Bower came to our rescue. He showed me a few tricks on an old guitar of his. Yeah, he likes to play for the he says from time to time.

So there we were. On stage at this park.. IN the woods. With a crowd just roaring for Dylan to go on. And then he FREEZES.

Finally he got up the nerve  to croak "We're caught in a trap.." And he turns to me. So I start in with.."I can't walk out ...Because I love YOU.. too much baby."

And when I look at him, I know knows now how I feel. How I seriously want to be with him. He knows we're good for each other.

Naturally, he took my lead as I jumped in, then about the stage. And so did he. Yeah, we might have been singing for a crowd, giving our all in a punk version of an Elvis classic, but we were making it our own..with each other. 

Extra Points
(X)End or include in your story with a phrase that you would like to be the next contest theme(only for your story or common for all)-Write the phrase in capitals and let me know if you want your phrase to be the theme only for you or personall 5points
(x)grade my story: Interesting. I'm not sure I liked the dialogue that way. Trying to figure out who said what. That confused me. Intriguing. Cute (80%) 5points

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