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girlfriend tag - ash & Lux

Girlfriend Tag - Ash & Lux

1. where did we meet?
Lux: Officially, we met at a club, but the week before I'd spotted her with her roomie, who I thought was her boy at the  University bookstore. I didn't exactly stalk her, but I..I knew then I wanted to know her.
Ash: Seriously? Jesus, I really didn't know (smirks, makes eyes at Lux who makes them right back with a nudge. They both giggle).

2. what was our first date?
Lux: We spent the day together. I took her to all my favorite places. The local gardens and the local museum. You know, places with a history.
Ash: I dunno. (Ash intertwines her fingers with Lux's as they hold hands) I really thought the night we met at the club was our first date. I mean, it many first, with you..that night. Such an adventure.

3. where was our first kiss and how was it?
L: I couldn't help myself, we'd danced, well over an hour and we were at the disco. It felt so right. (Lux bites a grin and looks at Ash, out of the corner of her eye.) She's just so...kissable.
A: She..she..really surprised me. I was like..OMG..she's like this fierce feline and then it was just so..intoxicating. (Ash can't help but to hold in  laugh.) Best lips ever! And that's only the beginning... (They cuddle more and show exactly what they were talking about with some deep kisses that last a lot longer than...)

4. did u know that i was the one
L: Hell yeah! (Lux winces with a smile)
A: Its electric! (Ash smiles back as she toys with Lux's fingers)

5. first impression?
L: She's like this Kristan Stewart type, you know. coming off like a hard arsce. Seriously, she's sweet and honest..and so giving.
A: Me? That is so funny, because know, I just imagined you hating me..and then WOW. She's just who I needed to meet, you know.

6. when did u meet the family
L: Um..I'm still not sure she wants me to meet her Mom and Dad (Lux smiles) Maybe some day.
A: I met her mom, Sallie. who's an artist. She and Lux are so close. I wish I could say the same about my mom and me..but (she sighs). I really like how Lux's mom accepts her. .and..and me.

7. do we have a tradition
L: Well..(Lux looks at Ash and winks) Tea in bed. (Her smile is open) I mean, we ended my room first after our very first adventure. And it was relaxing..and all. Well, its you know..Us. (she shrugs)
A: We love this deli too. Sometimes, we'll bring back this sour dough sandwich and split it. Its a real picnic. (Ash lightly giggles)

8. what was our first roadtrip
L: We wanted to see THE HORRORS. And we had to drive all the way to Denver to see them.
A: We got lost. It was epic. I really didn't think we would make it. But it was worth the trip, and I got to know Lux and her car and how she talks to her car. His name is Barry. Sometimes, he likes to stall on left hand turns.

9. who said i love u first and where were we
L: I did. (Lux looks at Ash and puts her arm around her) It was the night we almost broke up. There had been this heavy rain. My massacre was running. I mean, I really looked quite a wreck. The car stalled. Luckily, we were in this parking lot. And I didn't know it was so bad.
A: We got out of the car. I didn't even know anything serious was going on. And..and this guy got sucked into this stream of water. It was so awful. Suddenly, it wasn't about us, fussing about  her old girlfriend who I thought was following us. I dunno why I even compared myself to her, you know. But it was awful about this guy..that neither of us knew. And there we were trying to console each other. And..and it was so beautiful. Both of us crying. Honestly, no one has ever felt about me, quite like Lux...truly, she does make me a better individual.

10. what do we argue about the most
L: Her roommate..and why hasn't she moved in with me. (Lux is even lipped as she holds on to Ash's hand)
A: I'm just afraid we'd find more things to fight about if ..if we were together all the time. Gordy's the only roommate I've ever had. He's like a big brother to me. That's all. (Ash looks BLANKLY at Lux)

11. who wears the pants in the relationship
L: We don't play those kind of games (Lux shakes her head, no).
A: I dunno..sometimes, you can WEAR THE PANTS..among other things..(Ash smirks)
L: You can too, you know. (Lux gives her the eye).

12. if im sitting in front of the tv what am i watching
L: She's really into LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX.
A: I don't know what it is about that show. Its..just fun, you know.

13. what dressing do i get on my salad
L: She loves her ranch, even on her fries.
A: I never had ranch on anything. You love the ranch dressing. (Ash smiles)

14. whats the one food dont i like
L: Mushrooms (Lux makes a face of disgust)
A: She's a vegan who will not eat avocados. Can you believe that?

15. we go out to eat what do i get to drink
L: Tequila Sunrise
A: Cosmos all the way. (Ash nudges Lux's shoulder)

16. what size shoe do i wear
L: My size.
A: Size 7.

17. if i was collecting anything what would it be
L: She's really into anything by the SEX PISTOLS, especially Johnny Rotten.
A: Lux loves her RUNAWAYS  movie and she's very Joan Jett, too.

18. what is my favorite type of sandwich
L: We both get a hankering for a Ruben. Especially, on sour dough.
A: Yeah, like at 2 in the morning (Ash smiles)

19. what would i eat everyday if i could
L: Ash has to have her vanilla yogurt and granola every morning.
A: Lux claims an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but she always has to have hot sauce on her apple slices, too.

20. what my fav cereal
L: Do you even eat cereal? I dunno.
A: Granola (Ash reminds her) Your the one who doesn't care for cereal.

21. what is my fav music
L: Indie. Punk. Electronic.
A: Well, sometimes, I do get out my boybands. Lux likes anything with a good beat.

22. whats my fav sports team
L:What? Seriously? (Lux laughs)
A: Neither of us are into sports.

23. what is my eye color
L: blue? Right?
A: Um..sometimes, hers can be green.

24. who is my best friend
L: Well, of course, its got to be..GORDY.
A: He's like a big brother. You are MY BEST FRIEND (plays with Lux's fingers

25. what is something that I do that you don`t like
L: She won't clip her toenails. And when I try to do them, she gets all ticklish.
A: Well..I'm sorry..I'm trying to be better. (Ash bits her bottom lip. Lux laughs softly. They kiss).

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