Friday, May 8, 2015

Lily & Boone

Lily & Boone

Lily had been this way to the park for so long, she was certain Oden could walk it in his sleep.

Oh, he sniffed and took his time.

"Come on, Oden, quit being a pokey little puppy." She didn't mean to be cross, but they were going on a walk and Oden was doing his own thing.

Lily drew a breath wondering how much longer it would be spring, before it turned to hot summer. She was certain the days were very few.

All the sudden Oden barked like a guard dog of some kind. There was a guy holding some groceries and Oden was inches away at nipping at the knee of his cargo shorts.

Lily pulled back the leash. Told Oden NO.

Next thing she knew Oden was taking up with the shaggy boy like he was Oden's long lost owner.

The boy patted Oden's head and smiled.

"Wow, he did kind of scare me."

"Sorry." Lily was still conscious of her heartbeat in her throat. "He's never bit anyone." She winced. Still, he surprised her.

"Good to know." He nodded. Next thing she knew he was shaking her hand and telling him his name was Boone. He lived around the corner. He was in a band.

He talked about being a drummer and there was a concert.

"You should come. Its in this basement in Old Towne. And its free. Just bring a can of food." He grinned.

Lily liked the idea of a food drive. She told him she would think about going.

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