Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dylan and Tyler

Its like this

*Tell what is happening to you(your celebrity)a day before a big event..(Scroll down to read the example)5points
*end your story with: TOMMOROW IS THE BIG DAY (it will be the next contest theme)2,5points
*Make a set or a collage based on what to you want to say... 2,5points
EXTRA Points
*Tell me what do you think about my group 3point- I'm excited to be in the group. We have a lot of creative people..especially with their stories and celebrities.
*What do you think about my story 2point- Wow! the last thing I expected from Luke. Very intriguing!
Total points 15

A Day before the big (day)event
Dylan here...Um..well..I'm not sure how to tell you this. I guess it won't be a secret long....because..well..I dunno if I can even do it. (clears throat)

 See, my good friend Tyler Posey can do it. He's gotta band. And yeah, he's been a musician forever. I mean, this guy is totally talented and connected with his band. all things..I AM late bloomer. 

It all started with a beat box.Tyler was going to throw it away. And I was like.."Woe..What is it?" Needless to say the guy taught me how to use the thing and the next thing I know..I'm pandhandling. Shhhhh...don't tell anyone.

Yeah, I I crazy or what?

Dude, Tyler likes to do this kind of thing. ALL THE TIME. See, he dresses up like a hobo..cause he wants folks to take his music seriously..cause, he's afraid you won't. since he's on TEENWOLF.

So, here I am dressed, like I'm living on the street. Dang, if we didn't make 500 bucks within the hour. I dunno how he does it. But it was an experience. I mean, we ended up giving the money to a HOMELESS Shelter and we really got a good vibe my own band. 

Still, I'm into percussion. Mostly. He thinks I should try the piano. Yeah, right. Oh, and of course, Will is there for support.

Anyway, he taught me how to read music and helped me with my voice..and now. ...well... TOMMOROW IS THE BIG DAY. 

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