Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lily & Maddy

Lily & Madeline

Maddy wished she hadn't forgotten about Lily, yet it was a passing thought when she saw her on the street with her dog.

Lily and that dog. Maddy shook her head, thinking she had better things to do than think of an old friend that she hadn't talked to in ages.

Strange, to be 16 and thinking such thoughts. It made her think of her Gram telling her she had a very old soul. Of course, Maddy wasn't certain of that. After all, there was a boy named Calum who was running her life, and sometimes, she did wonder if he was ruining it.

He could be clingy. Then he was distant. Did this happen to other people her age? He was hard to figure out. At one time, she couldn't wait to be with him, but now, she had to make herself smile.

Yes, he was making this romance old.

But she wouldn't dare admit this. After all, they were part of a bigger circle. Their circle of friends. And well, it was nice to have something to do on the weekend. She guessed.

But as she saw Lily cross the street, Maddy kind of wished she could just go, and catch up with Lily.

How was she really doing?

Maybe she was depressed. She looked a little depressed. Maybe.

But maybe it was Maddy who was depressed. Who wanted to be around somebody depressed? Maddy thought it best not to take her chances.

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