Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Suki & Cara

Imagine-Suki & Cara

Oh, Cara claims she doesn't care, but I know better. After all...we are best mates.

And as much as she gets into those moods of hers, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but with Cara..especially, in New York City.

And I know, Brad can't stand her.

She can't stand Brad. After all, its Cara who claims Brad and I aren't dating.

"Well! Its true." Naturally, she has to be reading this while I'm writing. "He's toooooo old for you!"

Here we go again.

1. I'm too young to be taking anyone serious!

2. Didn't I just make a movie with the cutest British boy?

3. Only girls can have fun TOGETHER at a party.

And did I mention...Cara does know a thing or two about being a party girl.

She also takes pictures....which isn't very nice, but then that's Cara for you.

Honestly, it been lovely meeting Brad, his mum. His family. He's really a nice bloke.

Oh here she comes. Cara..about to make a dramatic statement or two. After all, she seriously is the drama queen. She is John Greene's FIRST choice to be in Papertowns, you know..but..whatever.

"NICE! Who LOVES nice?" Cara gives me the eye and of course, she turns up the electronic bliss on my iPhone and the music pulses through our apartment and Cara wants to dance.

Sorry, gotta dance.

a. kick off flip-flops.
b. hop on bed.
c. jump with glee, holding Cara's hands.

Yes, she can be full of herself, and she doesn't mind going in her undies. When we are alone.

Yeap, that's my best mate. Who's quite a nutter I might add..but isn't that what I love about her?


She just punched in Sam's number on my phone. And its ringing.

She is so determined that I never see Brad. Again.

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