Sunday, May 3, 2015

Luke Hemmings Imagine


FOR @beautydreamer

"No..I saw her first..."

Immediately, I knew the voice. Was it who I thought it was?

It wasn't in the most well lit pub, yet in a back booth.... way in the corner..there they were and they were in earshot.

What in the world were they talking about? And who were they?

"Luke, mate! Come clean on this..would you, man?"

Oh, it did sound like a fight might break out.

That's what the Black Cat can do to you on a late Friday night, with lagers in hand. I know, you must be thinking, bloody good time!

Well, my set sufficed. Wasn't exactly where I want it to be. See, not at all where a rocker can rock and a punk can kick know.

But oh well.. The cash was nice.

Mum, seems to think I'm safe. Not a gang in sight. Just boys. OH BOY. THOSE BOYS. 5SOS.

It just about took my breath away...and I think..they might have been talking about me.

See, I'm Girl Almighty aka Mary. That's what I go by. Its just me and an electric guitar. I know, really lonesome sh*t, but you know, I like it that way. Cause, my boy is really a one off and See Ya Later kind, and I think he went to Ireland. Honestly, I don't even give a.....


Oh, I'm getting near.

"Ash- shut it, will you? It..."

The anticipation is growing. Do I dare?

"Excuse me, Luv." His warm and inviting hand is on my shoulder, and I'm really not at all expecting an interruption. But I should expect it. That's my life. A slow grind to NOWHERE.

Almost there, but not quite. I hear I have the pipes, but I'm just a bit too nasty on stage. I doubt they spoke of me. They couldn't have. They wouldn't.

I look up and see I'm face to face with Callum.


That's not the one I want.

"Do YOU work here?" His eyes are so easy to get to know. I want to smile so bad, but I don't.

"Really? You, serious?" I wince.

"Oh, sh*t." He chuckles. "Luke's mad about you, don't you know?"

"He is?" What is he talking about?

"Come on, lass..sit with us."

And there I am. In the midst of a pow-wow of some kind. He scoots me in. Our bodies so warm. Its perfect for about two minutes. And then I'm in a sweat. Jesus! Luke is about to see me sweat.


Luke sees ME. And...its electric. I so want to squeal, like a fan girl would.

(Keep it together Mare..keep it together!)

Oh, I feel a sharp rock lodge in my throat. For the life of me..I. Can. Not. Speak.

"She heard you, you know." Callum's frown is small.

"So. Do. You. Do. Rockers?" I think it was a question, but then again, I was looking at his lips.

My eyes are wide shut.

"What?" Is about all I can breathe.

He only smirks. Oh, what a devilish smile. Indeed.

"Would YOU open for us?" He wants to know.

"Um..." Well, what does he think? "Sure."

Oh, its settled. Just like that.

"Can't wait to work with you, babe." Michael gets up first. Callum next. Seems Michael needs to get his beauty sleep.

"See, you, back at the hotel, then?" Ash looks at Luke as if he better be there.

"Right." But I know that look. He bites his bottom lip after they leave. Its just the two of us and his hand reaches for mine. Next thing I know he's right there. Like we've been together for ages. And he smells like a good cream coffee that needs to be drank up.

"You know, I caught you on YOU TUBE." He informs me.

"Why didn't you.." I dunno why I care now. After all, I'm with Luke. "Sorry."

"Busy, you know." He squints hard as if I'm suppose to let him off on a small technicality.

We are holding hands. He has such amazing hands. Beautiful fingers.

Everything clicks.

"Of course." I manage. And here comes the kiss that makes everything pop.

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