Friday, May 1, 2015

Lily & Madeline

Lily & Madeline

Lily could only think of one male she could completely confide in, and he was a dog named Oden.

Yes, she didn't really have many men in her life. And she was OK with that, even if her mother worried about it, from time to time.

Besides, she spent a lot of time walking Oden and telling him her secrets.

Thank God, he couldn't tell Madeline down the street..just how she felt about her.

However, she'd wake in the night in a sweat, set up and wonder if Madeline knew her true feelings. Then she'd lay back and snuggle under the covers and hope that she didn't. Honestly, Lily had no idea how Madeline might react ( her once best friend from middle school) if she..knew the truth.

Perhaps, it was good they'd grown distance since high school started. Still, it gave Lily a shiver. Her feelings for Maddy hadn't completely gone away.

So in another world, they were together. Some place in the soft glow of a fireplace in an old library sitting together in the corner going through a book they'd read to each other.. once upon a time, about a dragon who was all alone.

Now it was Lily who was all alone. Madeline had a boyfriend. She did things what real girls were suppose to do. She was on the cheer squad. She was faithful to the football team and she even enjoyed the Friday night dances at school.

This was not Lily's scene. She'd snarled her nose up to school spirit from the get go. She barely helped out with the school production of Blithe Spirit. Honestly, she really hated they expected her to be head of props. She'd never do another play, again. The drama was never on stage but in the actors after role call and waiting to go into the light.

Honestly, Lily wanted to quit it all. Stay in her room with Oden and dream of being anywhere but here.

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