Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Imagine That

imagine extra - The Lost Files

Recently HOT ZONE picked up on some interesting news regarding Luke Hemmings and his whereabouts when he's not with 5SOS. We caught up with him and had a little interview with him and someone who must be more than just a fan.

So Luke do you do this kind of thing, often?

LUKE: Like what? (Deer in the headlights look. He looks over to Tee who obviously knows him pretty well by that open smile of hers) Uh.. (his frown is small, but then he smiles and takes her hand) Oh, this..with Tee? (He doesn't want us to know her real name.), I don't do this often (he sighs)

Can you clarify that?

LUKE: Well, I mean, its not like we met at a concert or anything. (He gives a dead stare, as if he's hating every second of this interview, but he continues to hold Tee's hand.)

TEE: But I am a fan! (Tee blurts and then swells a frown as if she should have kept quiet.)

Tell us Tee how was it? Meeting Luke?

TEE: It was amazing! (Her eyes light up and she smiles with a sigh. Then bites her lip as if she can't keep the enthusiasm to herself.) I mean, I wasn't expecting to meet Luke, where I work. Last summer.

Wait? How long as this been going on? Is it really true Luke?

LUKE: (He won't look at reporter, at first, but then he does.) Look can you stop with all the questions?

Fans want to know.

LUKE: OK. It was last year, about this time, I guess. (he sighs as if he is serious about his privacy, especially with Tee) I MISS her. Everyday, I'm on the road, man. Just shut it, will you? (He puts hand over fat microphone that is a lot closer than he wants it to be and shoves it toward reporter)

TEE: Look, we don't have all that much time together, you know. (Tee tells reporter) He's the best-est, you know. He's really there for me. And..and I don't mind keeping it a secret, you know.

But its not a secret, anymore?

LUKE: Right. (Luke swells a frown, exposing just how much he hates this reporter) We just want to keep it simple. (He speaks about his grueling schedule. How he has no time for himself. And how Tee understands him so well. Luke vows this interview changes nothing about his feelings for Tee)

So you're saying this is the real deal?

Luke and Tee both give the report the eye. This interview better be history.

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