Monday, July 6, 2015

Requested Imagine

Requested IMAGINE

How can I explain this? My live SUCKS big time. I even went to sleep listening to a Cody Simpson song.

I'm only suppose to listen to your's truly from 5SOS, but that doesn't happen all the time.

See..I have to keep a secret. And a major one, in the fact. Yeah, Luke is my BAE...


Where do I start? Well, it was last summer and the band was lost in our little seaside town, and I just so happen to work in this ice cream shop, and I guess they were hungry. hit it off. Cause, I knew his favorite flavor.

NO..I'm NOT telling that secret, either. You'll just have to guess.

Anyway, we text. He calls. And..well..sometimes, he shows up way after midnight and we sneak off  to the beach, and we study each other under the stars.

Now that doesn't happen as often as I like, but..hey its you know.

And...if I told any of my friends, they wouldn't believe me, anyway.

After all, I Teuta, am everyone's crazy friend. Not that I'm a compulsive liar, Not that kind of crazy. I just prefer bounce houses over a romantic night out on a mega bucks party boat. I mean, I don't have to have money to have fun.

I don't expect anything from Luke...after all, I love Luke for being his irresistible charming self.

No, I'm nothing like my so call friend Amber who has to have everything perfect. Actually, she's a slave driver at school dances and that kind of thing. I swear I will never be her girl Friday ever again, but somehow I always end up being her GO TO GIRL because after all, I am the one who can handle my Mom's mini van.

Mini van..seriously, why am I thinking of my Mom's MINI VAN?

Oh..that's right, Amber needed it. Like, I'm her personal truck driver these days. Its totally exhausting. Pick up party stuff. Drop off party baskets. The list is totally endless..and since its been FOREVER since I've heard from Luke...Well, I spend a lot of my time saying YES.

And for what? I'm not even going to that dance. No way.

See, my best remedy for getting out of these situations with Amber is to take a nap. And that's what I did, in my room with the radio on and Cody Simpson singing FLOWER.

Something..something about taking our clothes. I dunno what that song is about,

But soon enough, I realize I'm in the passenger side of my mother's mini fan. I'm not driving. I'm suppose to be driving. And its dark. I can hardly see the road. I look over to see Miss Perfect Amber driving, my MOM's mini van.

"What are you doing?" We are going much faster than the speed limit. And she won't shut up. She says she's in love with Cody.

"Don't you want to see Cody?" She has a funny look on her face. Its a smile, but a very creepy smile. The kind of smile that tells you, you'll be dead if you don't agree with me.

"Cody? NO...I DO NOT WANT TO SEE CODY." I look at her blankly, struggling to reach for the wheel.

"Oh no you don't!" She snaps. "I know what's going on, you know." She's straight lipped now, as if she is in total control..even if the road starts to wind with crazy corners.

"Just watch the road, will you?" I can't help to keep my eyes wide open, because I'm so sleepy. Its like I'm intoxicated. Like I've had my cousin's brownies. (That only happened once on the 4th)

"Say hi to Luke, why don't you?" Her smooth lips edge a very sinister smile.

"What?" Well, he wasn't in the back seat before, but then I hadn't been looking in the back seat. "Don't you have a thing for Cody Simpson?" I wince, but out of the corner of my eye, I can see his smile, like he might be her cyborg.

I blink. I have to be seeing things, but she isn't slowing down. This isn't going to end well.

"YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM!" She warns and we are driving into total darkness.

"Hey, Tee..wake up." Someone is shaking me as I'm doing my best to scream in my sleep, but its like I'm underwater and I can barely breathe.

Yes, its Luke to rescue.

"You're finally here!" I hold in a laugh as long as I can. Luke is in my room in my bed, like the cuddle bear..he always is.

But I'm shaking and he holds me tight. I feel his lips on my forehead. I sigh with relief.

It was only a dream. ONLY A DREAM. But Luke is ever so true.

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