Saturday, August 3, 2019

just another day

I've written 4000 posts in my story blog Ellie

It's a milestone, yet some years have been better plot-wise than others. When I first started the story, several were intrigued. Also, a lot more were on blogger back then too. Of course, many were upset when I shifted the story from the main character Ellie. I had never intended to only write about that character. I wanted to write about others. Some she knew. Some she didn't. I wanted to write stories about a lot of people. Perhaps I should have just named it Ellietown or EllieOaks and it would have answered a few peoples gripes with me.

Honestly, maybe it's just me, but I'm one of those who have always thought of other people's voices. Most I would hear in my head. Maybe that makes me crazy. Yet, I like to be a good listener. I am really not one who likes to even do a selfie. Yet, I enjoy making collages about characters. Crackships, fangirling, call it what ever you want, but the heart of the story has many voices and I'm thankful I have been given a chance to write, even if I am probably the worst writer. I feel like I am a storyteller and I want to share their stories.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

June - A story a day

"What is she suppose to learn if you are doing all her work?" Cameron was against it. He shook his head and found Ying's boyfriend to be a nuisance. He picked up the so-called Komona. "Where did you learn to sew, anyway?"

"Self-taught." Yu snubbed him right back. Cameron almost snarled.

After all, Ying was like a little sister he never had. He felt the need to protect her. He did his best not to be annoyed as he listened to Ying talk about how he was an old friend from when she lived in China.

Why did she have to think so highly of this childhood friend of hers?

"I'd rather you learn the right way and be creative on your own and not rely on this friend of yours." He gave her the stare down, but it didn't do much good. It looked as if it were already decided.

"If only... you didn't like to shop so much." He hugged himself, yet she assured him that was all of the learning process.

"How about this, you two go out to that dollor store. Pick up a couple of items that you make into something ready to wear. I'd like for you each to come up with your own idea." He'd see who really had the talent for fashion. Was it Ying or Yu?

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

June - A story a day

Yu was certain they'd make a great team.

"Just make a sketch and I'll figure it out." He told her he liked to make things. Especially, cutting out things and putting them together. His skills went far beyond sushi. Didn't she know?

"I dunno." She winced.

"You're too tired to think." Obviously, this Cameron was a slave driver. How could someone be creative under those conditions?

"Don't you worry about it." He'd meet this Cameron face to face to face. After a, Ying needed to rest. Maybe not even go to class for the rest of the week.

"I can't." She needed to keep working and studying. What would her mother think?

"If she knows I'm helping you, she won't care." He knew of Ying's mother who always encouraged him to try all her new dishes at her restaurant. He'd always been helpful, or had Ying forgotten.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head." Off to bed, would be the best thing for her. And he would not disturb her.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

June - A story a day

Ying couldn't do anything right. Why did she have to make a stupid kimono anyway? They certainly weren't her style.

But she just couldn't seem to understand the pattern no matter how Cameron simplified it. Finally, he went home a little after nine that night.

"I just can't do it!" She told Yu when he came to pick her up. She hadn't eaten. She was so stressed it felt as if her life was going to hell.

So in about ten minutes, Yu sewed up the jacket that fit Ying perfectly.

"How did you do that!" She was impressed. She had no idea he even had sewing skill.

"You were watching," he said he knew enough to get by.

"My mind, just doesn't work that way," Ying winced as she hugged herself hard.

"It's because you shop to much." Yu shrugged. "You have to see what you make with what you already have." He said he'd made a floral one from a bed sheet. "I didn't have anything else to do. Not sure why I made it, but I wore, none the less."

Ying scratched the back of her head in thought. Should she take apart the project and re-sew it.

"No way," she said under her breath. She was famished and hoped Yu remembered to bring her dinner. After all, it was after midnight.

Monday, June 10, 2019

June - A story a day

B was in a deep slumber, but she heard the ding on her phone. She hoped it wasn't work. Struggling, she reached for the cell on her nightstand.

She blinked when she read the words.


To her surprise, it was a text from Chang. She almost felt faint learning that the text hadn't been from Sam, earlier. It was from Chang.

She got up to pee, but thought she might throw up instead. Honestly, she'd never felt this way before. Was she that worried about Chang? Or was something else going on?

Sunday, June 9, 2019

June - A story a day

What was Chang doing with that homeless person? Yu thought at first his eyes were deceiving him, but he watched closely. Evidently, Chang had more friends than he knew.

Yu couldn't make out if this person was male or female. Perhaps, somewhere in-between.

"You have to be careful, brother," Yu mentioned to Chang later back at his room. "This is the city. All sorts of strange things going on."

Chang explained they'd met before. She'd been kind to him. He felt indebted to her.

Yu shook his head, at that. This was not wise, as far as Yu was concerned.

"No tell'n what kind of diseases she got, brother." Yu reminded him that there was B to think about. Didn't he want to get back to her?

Chang mentioned the text he got from B. "I don't think it was meant for me." He tensed as he spoke more about it, as if it were a losing battle.

Yu told him when he made a lot of money modeling, then she would see him in a new light.

"I can't bank on something that might now happen." It sounded as if he might give up on her. He went to wash his face.

Yu went to look for Chang's phone. He'd give it a shot. He'd win B's heart, some way.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

June - A story a day

When Chang found that he'd gotten a text from B he was estatic! He couldn't help but smile all over as he walked home alone. Yu was off to work so now he could have some time for himself and his phone.

"YES!" he said to himself. B finally came to her senses. She actually said she missed him.

He sighed with relief. He'd waited so long for this. After all, she was his true love. He would do anything for her. Although, he wasn't there. He was in New York City.

He hated that he'd left her, but this was where work led him and he knew she wanted time on her own.

Maybe she'd thought it through. Maybe she'd matured and she was ready for him to come home.

But then he saw a certain word, she would never use.

"Baby!" He found himself saying aloud. "Baby?" He made a face of disgust. He squinted hard. Evidently, there was a mix up. She would have never called him BABY. NEVER.

"Are you OK?" Asked a voice.

Chang looked up to see the homeless person staring at him.

"Remi?" He'd remembered her name. She'd given him a backpack full of homemade rice crispy treats, clean socks, and underwear and even some paperbacks to read. At the time, he thought she was helping homeless people, but she looked homeless herself now. "Are you OK?"

She almost smiled, but he could see she'd been crying. He'd thought of her as some vibrant girl who everyone would remember, but she looked fade and tired.

Remi nodded as if it were none of his business.

He told her he'd found some work. They walked together in the early evening. Finally, they stopped at a food truck and got some coffee.

"How about you, I haven't seen you around?" Chang wasn't sure if she would really talk.

"I've been around." She shrugged.

"On the street?"

Remi didn't answer.

Chang dug in his wallet and found a twenty dollar bill.

"I know it's not much." Chang looked her over. "Why don't I buy you dinner?"

He felt bad for her. Maybe it was a good thing he saw Remi when he did. He didn't have time to think about B now.

Friday, June 7, 2019

June - A story a day

Honestly, Cameron was doing his best to guide Ying through the process of what a designer needed to know in the fashion world. He doubted she'd ever sewn a pillowcase together.

Still, he found her sweet, perhaps helpless. He certainly didn't want her to get taken advantage of.

"What would your mother think, if she knew how you are spending their hard earned money," Cameron wanted to put Ying on a guilt trip. She'd been neglecting her studies for days.

"What?" She looked at him as if she might truly be ready to be shot. "You talked to my mother?"

Cameron shoved his hands deeper in his pockets. He didn't want her to see him smile, but he couldn't help but laugh. "Maybe." He'd leave it at that. He walked away and she followed like a helpless little puppy.

He didn't want to like her, but he did. He wanted her to pay attention and show her independence. He needed to teach her and nothing else.

But sometimes, he thought she would be better off with him, instead of her friends. They couldn't be a good influence.

"We're going to make our own pattern." He got out a piece of scarf-like fabric. It wouldn't be easy to sew, but she might like how it turned out. "It's really simple." He wanted her to make a kimono.

Her jaw dropped.

"Don't look at me that way." He tilted his head and was all the more serious. "You need to embrace your time here." Why couldn't she fall in love with the idea of sewing? He knew she was young and wanted everyone working for her. "If you want to help any of those big-name designers, you have to learn to sew. You have to know how the pattern works."

Of course, she looked at him as if this was all a foreign language she could never comprehend.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

June - A story a day

Ying knew she'd be late for her afternoon classes. Still, she liked hanging out with Yu and Chang who were both in a good mood, so she was too...until she met Cameron at the foot of the steps of the fashion school.

"Where have you been?" His festered frown made her feel all the tardier.

"Out-" She knew she should just zip it and follow her mentor inside. As it was he was driving her insane. Although, he kept telling her she was driving him insane.

Had she no sense of fashion? Evidently, he did.

Her grip tightened to the straps of her backpack as she followed him down the long hall to his workshop. He was here to help her with hands-on activities. As it was, she knew nothing about patterns and he challenged her daily to take apart clothes and put them back together. She needed to know how clothing worked. But she didn't have time for that.

1. She was homesick.
2. Cameron was driving her crazy with all his talk and fierce NO about anything she did.
3. She'd found Yu. Finally happiness had found her.
4. She evidently wasn't mature enough to be a real fashion designer.

Still he held her accountable. Cameron looked at her sketchbook closely. Naturally, he was closed lipped and didn't shed much emotion. And then he found a sketch of Yu.

"And who might this be?" He said he doubted it was from her imagination.

"Uh," a lump lodged in throat. Did she dare tell Cameron about Yu. What if Cameron fell in love with him? Or maybe Yu could help her out with Cameron.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

June - A story a day

Yu wondered...or perhaps Ying really did need him. He kind of liked being needed.

But then as he looked over at Chang at lunch, he could see Chang needed him too. Funny, he hadn't felt this perplexed in a very long time.

At the moment, it felt like good times ahead. No one was arguing. Yet, even went he scratched the back of his neck in thought, he could see it coming.

They might squabble...over him. He couldn't help but imagine it. A sly grin pushed the corners of Yu's mouth.

"What's so funny?" Asked Chang as he was finishing up his bowl of fish broth.

Yu's eyes lit. "Oh, its nothing...really."

"It has to be something?" Ying gave him a peculiar smile.

Yu shook his head, no. Maybe this would be a good time to bring up B. Lord knows, what they each had to say about their friend back home. As long as they didn't bring up the living arrangement here.

He could see Ying getting testy, if she knew Chang was living with him now.

Yu almost sighed. He guessed he needed to think of something. Maybe he would just let a little romance lead the way. He would soon be living with Ying and Chang could have his room.