Tuesday, September 13, 2022

BLUE HEARTS - Give & Take

 Bex hesitated for a moment. She closed her eyes, delicately. She supposed this was his something. She gave him a deep sigh.

"All right, I'm coming," Bex said.

Was he really that good? Really? Just expecting her to drop everything for him. She didn't want to think about it. She just did.

First, it was going through the motions. She undressed. He was lathering up in the shower. He gave her an impish grin when she got in. He lathered her up too. He let the wash sponge drop then and touched her sides and kissed her. Their wet skin touched, and his kisses knew what she liked. That was just it, he knew what she liked.

And she craved that about him. Bex wasn't strong enough to resist it. She always assumed he was more of a giver than a taker, but what if it was she who was doing all the giving, and she didn't even know it.

OK, by the time they got to the bed, she knew he was giving her what she'd hoped for as his lips kissed her belly and even lower, unlocking any apprehension she might have had before. It was so easy for him to nudge inside her, to excite her. Maybe she was just too easy she thought, maybe not, as she somehow succumbed to his mouth even the touch of his face next to her. And then when it turned into something so divine. A real orgasm. Her eyes suddenly went wide open.

What if I'm gay, she thought. Her skin pricked so and then he was ready for more. Shoving his hardself inside her. Making the bed even shake. Her head slid into the headboard.

"Ow." She let out a yelp.

Now the real games began. It was more like Twister the game sometimes, than real sex. Legs jumbled up. Strange positions, sitting up, looking at each other.

"What do you mean thats not comfortable?" He said.

"Well, its not."

"Just wait, you have to give it time."

"How much time?"

"I don't have a watch."

It was almost dark by the time it was over.

"You got any money for a pizza?" He then asked.

She just shrugged with her back turned to him still in bed, wrapped in the sheets. Bex was tired. Dayton dug into her wallet for some money.

Blue Hearts - This Far

 Bex looked at the livingroom. She'd gotten Oliver to help her move the furniture around. It looked more like a cottage now. Her starfish and shells on display. The little lighthouse on the shelf was actually a night light. The sheer curtains from white sheets were quaint but surprisingly beautiful against the sky-blue wall. She'd recovered the old pillows her mother gave her with some denim from an old jumper she wore her freshman year in high school, back when she was still frumpy. The room was really coming together. She'd moved his Reservoir Dogs poster to the bedroom.

She doubted Dayton would notice. He didn't care as long as the couch was in front of the TV. He worked extra hours down at the garage just so they could get cable. But really all he actually needed was his gaming system. It was basically, the Internet he needed.

This was getting a little tedious, though. Third weekend in a row he'd gone over to Chris'. It was disgusting, she thought. He'd hang out there all weekend long.

One time she found him in Chris's bathroom in the tub with just his jeans on asleep in Chris's lap. She knew if her mother knew she'd tell her to get out of this situation, now. She sort of wanted too. But they'd made it this far. They'd made it this far.

Still that bathroom scene was fresh on her mind as she cleaned her own toilet with Comet. This was their place. It felt so much better to have everything sparkling clean. But Dayton was a messy guy.

He left a trail of candy wrappers and soda cans where ever he pleased. She was sure his mother was happy to see him go because guess who was the maid service now?

She went to the kitchen and mopped the floor out of desperation, she guessed. Was he ever coming home? Was she supposed to care?

Finally, she heard the screen door pop shut. Bex looked around the corner from their galley kitchen. There Dayton was standing in the livingroom with dry blood on his neck and down his white T-shirt.

"What the hell happened?" This was not supposed to be happening. Bex scowled.

"I was saving a dog." He shrugged. "This pit bull came out of nowhere in the kitchen and had it in for this black lab. I had to do something, Bex."

"You were drunk or high, weren't you?"

"No," he winced. "God, you always think the worst, don't you?"

"Well, you weren't thinking straight." She squinted back harder. "You could have been hurt."

"But I wasn't."

"Are you trying to tell me you're the dog whisper?"

"Maybe." Dayton shrugged. She looked at the clock then. It was going on three in the afternoon. "Look, I need a shower. I'll take you out to dinner or something."

Bex didn't respond. She went back to cleaning. Dayton went to the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

The shower started. He cracked the door open then. She could see he was undressed.

"Well, are you coming or not?"

Blue Hearts - Under his skin

 Oliver walked away. He hadn't had a cigarette all night which was a first. He never felt like smoking around Bex. Not many people had that sort of charm on him. Maybe if he were around more, he'd quit all together. But within the block, he was lighting up on his walk home. Wondering what it would be like if by some chance.....

Forget it. He had to forget. It wasn't possible. She was pretty much a goner when it came to Dayton. True she did her best not to talk about him much when Oliver was around. But she'd been with him since high school. Two years even. Ouch.

Didn't she know this side of Dayton by now. Was she waiting for him to grow up?

Oliver smiled. "Not gonna happen," he said to himself. He reached for his cell then. Oliver knew pretty much what to do next. Call Nelson. Get the weed and maybe find his little hideout at the lake and stay to himself. Oh, he liked this side of himself. The side he kept prefectly hidden for the most part. Not that anybody would much care. But this was what he did when he wasn't at work. Wasn't talking to Bex or at home with his sister.

But first. He pushed his fingers down in the pocket of his jeans. He could feel the sheen of her undies pushed away in his pocket. Next time her bra. For real. Yeah, he wanted a matched set.

Blue Hearts - Burn Out

 The fried egg was sticking to the pan. What else could go wrong? Bex kept staring at it. The egg sizzled in bits. It was ruined. She started to cry.

"We could have gone out for breakfast, you know?" Oliver almost burned himself on the pan but he got rid of the attempt for breakfast.

"No, I want to be here when he gets here," Bex shrugged.

"Has he done this before?" This was Dayton they were talking about. Once he got into a video game, you'd lost him for good, but didn't Bex know that already.

"I'm really starting to hate him," Bex croaked biting her bottom lip. "What was I expecting? You know, I should have just said to hell with it. Why did I beg him? Huh? This shit isn't going to stop is it?"

"Just take it easy, he'll be home, but later. Like by noon or afterward. You'll see." Of course, he'd said the same thing before midnight and even at three in the morning before they both dozed off in front of the TV.

"You keep saying that-" He gave her a paper towel for her tears.

"We'll have coffee. And break out the granola your Mom sent. It'll be OK." Bex shrugged and went to the table that she and Oliver had to find at the flea market. Dayton wouldn't even help with finding stuff for the house.

'You can make rent this time around?" Oliver then wondered if this was really all about Dayton. Maybe this was a bit more stressful than she'd thought. "Has Dayton paid his half?"

Bex nodded. "We're fine."

"OK." He knew they really weren't. "Maybe once classes start up-"

"Right-" Bex took a sip of her coffee then. "God, you should really go. I'm going to be OK."

"But I can stay."

"No," Bex nodded. "You've done more than enough. " She kept her smile even. "You have things to do. And maybe I need to be here alone whenever Day gets here. I think I should be alone."

"You sure?"

"Yes." Bex gritted. "I really need to be alone right now. I have to get used to being alone."

"Right," Oliver tried to smile. He drank his coffee then. Really, he had nowhere to go. He wanted to be right here. Maybe if he was lucky Dayton would never come home.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

just another day

I've written 4000 posts in my story blog Ellie https://elliencompany.blogspot.com/

It's a milestone, yet some years have been better plot-wise than others. When I first started the story, several were intrigued. Also, a lot more were on blogger back then too. Of course, many were upset when I shifted the story from the main character Ellie. I had never intended to only write about that character. I wanted to write about others. Some she knew. Some she didn't. I wanted to write stories about a lot of people. Perhaps I should have just named it Ellietown or EllieOaks and it would have answered a few peoples gripes with me.

Honestly, maybe it's just me, but I'm one of those who have always thought of other people's voices. Most I would hear in my head. Maybe that makes me crazy. Yet, I like to be a good listener. I am really not one who likes to even do a selfie. Yet, I enjoy making collages about characters. Crackships, fangirling, call it what ever you want, but the heart of the story has many voices and I'm thankful I have been given a chance to write, even if I am probably the worst writer. I feel like I am a storyteller and I want to share their stories.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

June - A story a day

"What is she suppose to learn if you are doing all her work?" Cameron was against it. He shook his head and found Ying's boyfriend to be a nuisance. He picked up the so-called Komona. "Where did you learn to sew, anyway?"

"Self-taught." Yu snubbed him right back. Cameron almost snarled.

After all, Ying was like a little sister he never had. He felt the need to protect her. He did his best not to be annoyed as he listened to Ying talk about how he was an old friend from when she lived in China.

Why did she have to think so highly of this childhood friend of hers?

"I'd rather you learn the right way and be creative on your own and not rely on this friend of yours." He gave her the stare down, but it didn't do much good. It looked as if it were already decided.

"If only... you didn't like to shop so much." He hugged himself, yet she assured him that was all of the learning process.

"How about this, you two go out to that dollor store. Pick up a couple of items that you make into something ready to wear. I'd like for you each to come up with your own idea." He'd see who really had the talent for fashion. Was it Ying or Yu?

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

June - A story a day

Yu was certain they'd make a great team.

"Just make a sketch and I'll figure it out." He told her he liked to make things. Especially, cutting out things and putting them together. His skills went far beyond sushi. Didn't she know?

"I dunno." She winced.

"You're too tired to think." Obviously, this Cameron was a slave driver. How could someone be creative under those conditions?

"Don't you worry about it." He'd meet this Cameron face to face to face. After a, Ying needed to rest. Maybe not even go to class for the rest of the week.

"I can't." She needed to keep working and studying. What would her mother think?

"If she knows I'm helping you, she won't care." He knew of Ying's mother who always encouraged him to try all her new dishes at her restaurant. He'd always been helpful, or had Ying forgotten.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head." Off to bed, would be the best thing for her. And he would not disturb her.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

June - A story a day

Ying couldn't do anything right. Why did she have to make a stupid kimono anyway? They certainly weren't her style.

But she just couldn't seem to understand the pattern no matter how Cameron simplified it. Finally, he went home a little after nine that night.

"I just can't do it!" She told Yu when he came to pick her up. She hadn't eaten. She was so stressed it felt as if her life was going to hell.

So in about ten minutes, Yu sewed up the jacket that fit Ying perfectly.

"How did you do that!" She was impressed. She had no idea he even had sewing skill.

"You were watching," he said he knew enough to get by.

"My mind, just doesn't work that way," Ying winced as she hugged herself hard.

"It's because you shop to much." Yu shrugged. "You have to see what you make with what you already have." He said he'd made a floral one from a bed sheet. "I didn't have anything else to do. Not sure why I made it, but I wore, none the less."

Ying scratched the back of her head in thought. Should she take apart the project and re-sew it.

"No way," she said under her breath. She was famished and hoped Yu remembered to bring her dinner. After all, it was after midnight.

Monday, June 10, 2019

June - A story a day

B was in a deep slumber, but she heard the ding on her phone. She hoped it wasn't work. Struggling, she reached for the cell on her nightstand.

She blinked when she read the words.


To her surprise, it was a text from Chang. She almost felt faint learning that the text hadn't been from Sam, earlier. It was from Chang.

She got up to pee, but thought she might throw up instead. Honestly, she'd never felt this way before. Was she that worried about Chang? Or was something else going on?

Sunday, June 9, 2019

June - A story a day

What was Chang doing with that homeless person? Yu thought at first his eyes were deceiving him, but he watched closely. Evidently, Chang had more friends than he knew.

Yu couldn't make out if this person was male or female. Perhaps, somewhere in-between.

"You have to be careful, brother," Yu mentioned to Chang later back at his room. "This is the city. All sorts of strange things going on."

Chang explained they'd met before. She'd been kind to him. He felt indebted to her.

Yu shook his head, at that. This was not wise, as far as Yu was concerned.

"No tell'n what kind of diseases she got, brother." Yu reminded him that there was B to think about. Didn't he want to get back to her?

Chang mentioned the text he got from B. "I don't think it was meant for me." He tensed as he spoke more about it, as if it were a losing battle.

Yu told him when he made a lot of money modeling, then she would see him in a new light.

"I can't bank on something that might now happen." It sounded as if he might give up on her. He went to wash his face.

Yu went to look for Chang's phone. He'd give it a shot. He'd win B's heart, some way.